Our Team

We are just a bunch of digital geeks who craft innovative, transforming ideas to build your brand’s strategic presence online- in short, we get the job done. As clichè as it sounds, we put our heart, soul and a lot of elbow grease- from decoding briefs to raising a toast!

Pallavi Bansal
Pro at leadership & communication.
Zero tolerance for bad grammar.
Aakriti Agarwal
Perfectionist to the core.
Where the creative genius comes from.
Devyani Bhagat
The policy maker of the team a.k.a HR head
Tanushree Fogla
Digital Marketing Manager & Copywriter
The in-house model & master baker
Shines in every role she takes on
Abhishek Bhowmick
Graphic Designer
Hates chocolates more than last-minute edits
Ishika Maloo
Digital Marketing Manager
The team's very own jukebox
Always ready to lead the way at photoshoots
Suvojit Das
Graphic Designer/In-house photographer and master of situational jokes.