The Dawn of A New Era In Digital Marketing- Social Media Influencers

Learn about the dawn of a new era in Digital Marketing- Social Media Influencers

The most fun thing about the marketing world is that it is always in a flux. Things like creativity, innovation and change are not only encouraged but are imperative for the growth of this industry. In this regard, the emerging trend of ‘influencer marketing’ deserves special attention. It’s noteworthy that the influencer marketing industry in India raked in about a whopping Rs 900 crores in 2021! Now the question is, what is influencer marketing? Let’s take a deep dive into this popular phenomenon and why it’s all the rage right now.

Has it ever crossed your mind why advertising campaigns that feature well-known celebrities are so popular? The answer is quite obvious- familiarity builds trust. Which means that products endorsed by faces you have seen before (albeit on screens) feel appealing and safe. However, the thing that works against mainstream celebrity endorsements is that they miss out on the relatability factor big time. Influencer marketing capitalizes on this drawback.

Instagram is the most preferred social media platform for content creators to showcase their capabilities and grow their follower base rapidly. Watching influencers, also known as content creators, live their best lives is refreshing, inspiring and frankly, something the general audience can aspire towards. Their minimal and mostly natural setup, along with their one-on-one approach that makes you feel like you are on a video call with your best friend, really hits the bull’s eye!

Brands that opt for influencers to promote their products also aim to cater to their already established follower base. So, in other words, the influencer marketing strategy is to harp upon the relatability as well as the reliability of content creators. One of the primary examples of influencer marketing is e-commerce brands sending free PR packages to influencers across various social media platforms in lieu of an honest review. This is quite an efficient and affordable way, especially for new or small brands, to get into public view.

For brands, choosing the perfect influencer who aligns with their vision and narrative, is not as easy as it seems. Zeroing on a particularly high follower count does not always work. Micro influencers or influencers with followers ranging between 10,000 and 100,000 with good engagement rates are appropriate for brands dipping their toes into the market or looking to venture out locally.

Macro influencers, on the other hand, have more than 100,000 followers. Youth influencers like Taneesho, Dev Raiyani and Tarini Shah are eminent names from this category. The type of content they put out are crisp, light-hearted and entertaining which appeals to a vast audience. Therefore, collaborating with influencers is an easy and smart way for brands to win over the hearts of thousands, if not millions of people!

The success of influencer marketing in India emphasizes the importance of connection between brands and customers. It may be at its nascent stage as of now, but the success rate has been nothing short of stellar. There is no doubt that the future of influencer marketing looks very bright!

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