Busting Social Media Myths

Busting a few social media myths

Did you know that you’ve been following some pretty common social media myths? It’s time to face the reality as we are bust a few of these social media myths that you face every day. 

  1. Who says you need to follow every trend? you need to follow what you feel is the right social media marketing tool for your page and not what the world decides for you.
    Do you need a presence on all social media platforms? Absolutely not! You just need to target the right audience on a particular platform where you get the right responses.
    All of you must have heard this – Social media is free! It’s a big lie… you need to promote your social media posts through ads/content/analytics software, creation support and much more, which requires money to be spent.
    “If your followers increase, so do your sales!” – Do not believe this! As a digital marketing agency, we might be able to increase the followers of your page drastically over time but the sales depend on what your brand provides.
    Posting on weekends would be helpful? False! Posting regularly on your social media page at specific time intervals helps better instead.

Hope busting these social media myths didn’t really disappoint you, but rather help you build a better social media campaign for your brand.

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